Academic Tutoring and Enrichment

Explore your academic interests with a program tailored just for you.

SSAT tutor

Reading, Writing, and Research

Whether students are enthusiastic budding authors or hesitant writers in need of a boost, our Reading/Writing tutoring courses are a perfect fit. Each course is tailored to meet students where they are and build confidence and independence in each step of the writing process.

English Enrichment

In a typical Reading/Writing enrichment course, students learn to read quickly without losing comprehension, summarize, and analyze. They practice engaging in literary analysis, writing research papers and persuasive essays, and completing timed writing assessments. Students also enrich their writing with advanced grammar and vocabulary.

SSAT tutor

Science Research

1-on-1 tutoring students choose a book that matches their interests—psychology, statistics, neuroscience, etc.—and use it as a springboard for a research paper.

Expect to explore challenging books, fascinating articles, statistics, and the art of writing.

Past research projects have included an analysis of technology in medicine and an exploration of the lifelong impacts of poverty in early childhood.

Study Skills and Psychology

Everyone, from middle school through graduate school and beyond, can benefit from learning cognitive science-driven study skills. All Mind the Test tutoring courses are designed based on principles of cognitive science, helping students develop psychology research-based study skills and metacognition: thinking about thinking. In a dedicated study skills course, students take a deep dive into their own brains and develop a complex understanding of what it means to learn. Students learn to take ownership of their education and apply these study skills to help them succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Every course is bespoke, tailored to meet each student’s needs.

History tutor

History & Humanities

In our history tutoring or enrichment programs, students choose a topic aligned with their school’s curriculum and explore it in depth through videos, activities, books, and essays, culminating in a research paper.


In addition to SAT and ACT-focused math education, we offer middle school and high school math tutoring. Whether students love math and want a fascinating enrichment class or need to catch up and fill in gaps in their knowledge, we can create a tutoring program that fits their needs.

Math tutor
Brain-based tutoring

Brain-based teaching

Through powerful brain-based study methods, students take ownership of their learning process. Cognitive psychology research-based study skills help students succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Three ways to learn online

1-on-1 tutoring

Small-group tutoring pods

Group classes

Online tutoring

About Us

Anna Moss tutor

Anna Moss

MPhil Psychology & Education, University of Cambridge
BA (Honors) Linguistics, University of Chicago

Anna founded Mind the Test to empower students by teaching them how to learn, pairing test preparation and academic tutoring with lifelong research-based study skills. 

After years of teaching test prep and English all around the world, she followed her passion for the science of learning to the University of Cambridge, where she researched how to improve educational equity via linguistic dialect-sensitivity on the SAT.



The explanations and lessons are very comprehensive, breaking everything down so that one can learn the most efficient methods for each type of question.

Intensive SAT boot camp student in anonymous post-class survey

My kid really likes her classes and looks forward to them each week.

X. J., parent of student in SAT Reading/Writing learning pod

I had a lot of fun, and it was really nice coming here every day.

SAT summer camp student in anonymous post-class survey

The teacher is amazing and will understand problems that need to be resolved.

Intensive SAT boot camp student in anonymous post-class survey

Mrs. Moss has her unique way to teach English….Her class is mind-blowing and highly effective, and my kid loves her teaching style.

Z. T., parent of student in  Reading/Writing learning pod