Ali Abdaal’s How to Study for Exams YouTube series

I did not meet Ali Abdaal when I was at Cambridge, but if I had, we probably would have been best friends because the dude is SO COOL! Assuming you measure coolness by how many brain-based study tips people know! Seriously, check out his videos. The best.


Crash Course Psychology

If you want to learn more about the field of psychology, Crash Course is a great resource. You can pick and choose episodes, but if you want the equivalent of a full psychology course, you can watch the whole thing front to back. Fun to watch and supremely educational! (Note that Crash Course is aimed at upper-level high school, so there may be some content that isn’t appropriate for middle school.)


Crash Course Study Skills

Can’t get enough STUDY SKILLS? Looking for more STUDY SKILLS? Enjoy this romp into the world of…STUDY SKILLS! Lots of stuff we didn’t have time to go over in class. Enjoy!


Book recommendation:

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

I absolutely love this book. It does a deep dive into all the stuff we learned about and more, exploring the research behind these study techniques. It’s written in an understandable way, and it’s science-y enough to satisfy those of us who like to read books and ask, “But did they control for all variables?” In the field of education psychology, there is a lot of junk. This book is the opposite of junk. Non-junk. Read it! 

You can get it from your library, your favorite bookstore, or Amazon: