Middle & High School Group Classes: Summer 2022

Get Ready for High School

Small group

For incoming 9th graders (8th-10th grade permitted)


6 hours/week

Transitioning from middle school to high school can feel like being thrown into the deep end of the school swimming pool. Through years of tutoring students going through that transition, I have developed a curriculum to ease the transition and equip students with the tools they need to excel in challenging high school classes. Topics include:

Brain-based tutoring

Brain-Based Study Skills

Students will learn how the brain learns. They will gain experience using research-backed study strategies, both online (apps and websites) and old-fashioned pen-and-paper (specially constructed study guides).

Think Like a Scientist

Students will read and discuss articles about scientific discoveries. The class will focus on the importance of asking questions and exploring their answers, from the serious to the silly!

Admissions essay help

Writing Essays

Students will practice outlining and writing multiple types of essays. These essay structures will be useful in many high school classes, including Language Arts, History, some Science classes, and especially on AP tests. In addition, students will peer edit and self-edit.

Understanding Literature

Students will learn to recognize and analyze common literary symbols. These symbols appear in everything from Shakespeare to Harry Potter to Cars 2; through class discussions, students will come to see their favorite works in a new light.

SSAT tutor

Due to the intensive nature of the course, there is no required homework. However, motivated students may choose to do an additional enrichment project at home.


If you are interested in a longer course or 1-on-1 tutoring, please contact me.



July — Writing for Fun: Creative Writing

August — Writing for School: Writing A+ Essays

4 hours/week

Students will be divided up by grade level for middle and high school (grades 5-12).

July: Writing for Fun! Creative Writing

College student

Week 1: Journaling & Brainstorming

Students will practice multiple journaling techniques to get even hesitant writers started.

Week 2: Writing Your Story

Students will write a mini-memoir about a real-life event of their choosing. It could be recent or distant, serious or funny. Week 1 leads in nicely to this, as students who attend Week 1 can choose one of their journal entries as a starting point.

Week 3: What If? Game

Students of all ages love playing this writing game that unleashes creativity. 

Week 4: Editing

Is your teen already writing the next great American novel, and she wants a fresh set of eyes on it? Or maybe he needs some structured time to finish his piece from earlier in the course. Now’s the time to finish up and decide what piece to add to the class “literary journal!”

August: Writing for School! Writing A+ Essays

Week 1: The Five-Paragraph Essay

Students will practice using various essay structures, with a focus on outlining. These skills will be valuable throughout high school and college.

Week 2: Grammar: Making your writing flow

Students will master age-appropriate grammar rules and practice applying them to their writing. The focus is on improving “flow”: the elusive property that makes a sentence sound good.

Week 3: Commonly Confused Words

Students will learn to correctly spell and differentiate between commonly confused words, such as “illusion” and “allusion.” This skill is helpful in all grades, especially on standardized tests.

Week 4: Editing

Does your teen have a summer assignment in need of editing? Or maybe he needs some structured time to finish his piece from earlier in the course. Now’s the time to finish up and decide what piece to add to the class “literary journal!”

About Us

Anna Moss tutor

Anna Moss

MPhil Psychology & Education, University of Cambridge
BA (Honors) Linguistics, University of Chicago

Anna founded Mind the Test to empower students by teaching them how to learn, pairing test preparation and academic tutoring with lifelong research-based study skills. 

After years of teaching test prep and English all around the world, she followed her passion for the science of learning to the University of Cambridge, where she researched how to improve educational equity via linguistic dialect-sensitivity on the SAT.



The explanations and lessons are very comprehensive, breaking everything down so that one can learn the most efficient methods for each type of question.

Intensive SAT boot camp student in anonymous post-class survey

My kid really likes her classes and looks forward to them each week.

X. J., parent of student in SAT Reading/Writing learning pod

I had a lot of fun, and it was really nice coming here every day.

SAT summer camp student in anonymous post-class survey

The teacher is amazing and will understand problems that need to be resolved.

Intensive SAT boot camp student in anonymous post-class survey

Mrs. Moss has her unique way to teach English….Her class is mind-blowing and highly effective, and my kid loves her teaching style.

Z. T., parent of student in  Reading/Writing learning pod